Viewpoint - hosted by "The News HIPSTER" (Episode 3 - 11/25/2014)

"Race On Trial: The Decision At Ferguson and the Aftermath"

I will have more about this case once "The News HIPSTER" can obtain a copy of the official transcript from the grand jury.

Please feel free to comment on what I have to say in this video, and share your thoughts about race in this country....

It's FINALLY time we have that talk.....

....and that's MY viewpoint.

Viewpoint - hosted by "The News HIPSTER" (Episode 2 - 11/19/2014)

"Why Are We Listening to 'Faux' News?"

Don't you think it's about time that we stop and wonder who is being honest when they report on the news?  "Fox News" has never been a news organization that could be trusted to give us a "fair and balanced" approach.  They don't like to listen to the opposition when it comes to important topics, such as climate change and the economy because it would dissatisfy the crazy base of the Republican party.  This isn't right for anyone and it isn't right for the country...


 We should no longer just sit around and let that station get away with what they have been doing.  It's about time we all put an end to their false news and call them out whenever they start spreading bullpucky!!

And that's MY viewpoint.
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"The Truth about FACTS......'Cause They Are Stubborn As Hell!"

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The truth is, I wasn't the smartest kid in school.  In fact, I found myself struggling at times in certain subjects.....especially in math. I HATED MATH!  There was no other class I dreaded going to more than my high school math class.  From Geometry to Algebra to Calculus, math was the one subject that I had the hardest time with and failed on a consistant basis.  Now it's true that I probably could have paid more attention in math class, but honestly I just wasn't that interested in numbers.  I didn't think I would ever need to use a lot of math in my lifetime, because I knew I wasn't ever going to become a doctor or a scientist.  Those guys are smart......REALLY smart.  They did well in math and science in school, because those are the kind of careers that require you to know your numbers and stats.  They have to get those numbers and stats right every time.  And they have to test out those numbers and stats over and over and over again until they can prove to everyone that what they are telling you is a proven fact.  And it is supposed to be binding and non-arguementative.......and STUBBORN as all hell to disprove.....

....but then Barack Obama became the first African American President.

And facts became null and void across the country.

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"Brown Out: Why Ferguson Has Shown U.S. Its True Colors"

Let me tell you a story.

August 9th, 2014....

...a young, unarmed man is walking down the middle of an empty street with a friend.  A police officer drives up to them in his vehicle and begins questioning the two men and tells them they need to leave the street and go to the sidewalk.  After a brief confrontation, the officer and the unarmed man gets into a struggle inside the window of the vehicle.  The officer pulls out his gun and fired a shot that hit the man in his hands.  The man then runs away from the vehicle and down the street, at which point the officer gets out of his vehicle and continues shooting.  The man falls to the ground and then proceeds to put his hands in the air, in a sign of surrender to the officer.  The officer shoots him again, this time landing a fatal shot to the head.........the man dies in the middle of the street.

What happens next, is what the world has been watching unfold on television and on social media.......

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